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Simply your journey from move in to move out, community engagement, environmental sustainability, and elevated experience.

Hanover Investment recognizes you have taken care of your loved one for so many years without financial compensation or formal support.

We’re pleased to offer you both under the Family Caregiver Act! We know this can be a stressful and overwhelming time. We are here to make this critical transition as smooth as possible and give you the peace of mind that your family deserves. 

  • A location that is nearby schools, crèches, playschools, colleges, and coaching institutions.
  • A safe neighborhood and kid-pleasing environment filled with serene greenery.
  • Community and family events such as Quiz Nights, Family Fun Fairs, Movie Nights, Kids Activities, Scavenger Hunts, and more.
  • Wellness campaign programs are overseen by experts.
  • Simplified online communication tools.
  • kids-friendly social infrastructure such as kids' gaming zones, museums, libraries, restaurants, etc.
  • Proximity to childcare health centers and pediatrician clinics.
  • Real-time reporting & solutions for all maintenance-related issues.