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We provide a range of specialist management and consultancy services to food and farming businesses, delivering practical support and guidance in a constantly evolving industry.

Hanover gives you access to the most up-to-date guidance and research on topical issues relating to farming, forestry, viticulture, renewable energy, and agronomy.

We understand that farming today covers wide-ranging activities and our team is dedicated to developing your farm business commercially, while also understanding the wider non-commercial aspirations that can relate to land ownership and occupation.Farming is facing a seismic policy shift. Future support will incentivize farming businesses that invest in the environmental resilience of their natural assets and our team of experts is already supporting clients in navigating this transition. Our experienced rural team is here to support you as you transition into your next chapter. 

  • Seniority in surface water access improves agricultural productivity on cultivated lands
  • Agricultural productivity in areas with more junior surface water access is less sensitive to changes in drought stress
  • Greater seniority in surface water access reduces the sensitivity of cultivation decisions to changes in drought stress,
  • Property rights provide incentives, authority, and resources for sustainable irrigation.
  • We advise farming businesses on their next steps in order to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • you have access to the leading food and farming consultancy, estate management, planning, building consultancy, renewables, tax, and funding advice in the country.