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You need the most up-to-date market data that can help steer you through environmental issues, density studies, zoning considerations, and more.

Zoning is a methodology used to categorize land with a set of regulations for new developments.

The local planning authority of a particular city divides the land into zones. The rules defined by the government differ from one zone to another. Zoning determines and regulates how you can use the land for development. While purchasing land or plot, it is essential to understand under what zone it is categorized. Zoning helps in understanding how to use the land.

  • Calculate the gross vacant acres by plan designation, including fully vacant and partially vacant parcels.
  • Demand for land is characterized by analysis of national, regional, and local demographic and economic data.
  • We add value by administering land use and zoning ordinances for rural and unincorporated portions preserving the environment.
  • Determining non-residential land needs involves both a demand component and a supply component.
  • Creating strategies to protect our lakes, rivers, and wetlands.
  • Management of household, industrial, and commercial recycling.
  • We help you get targeted audiences that you can use to develop an amazing marketing strategy that translates into increased sales.
  • Strategic guidance from our team of real estate experts can mitigate business risk and increase the likelihood of a successful return on your investment
  • Our business relationships provide you with access to key partners, from lenders to zoning board members, to overcome obstacles and achieve your objectives.