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Our unparalleled experience and global reach mean we can bring together the right people together at the right time, manage the entire process end-to-end, and ensure that every residential project is a success.

From Hanover we offer you the best advice so that you can have the best insurance for your home.

When renting a property there are many factors that the owner must take into account. He must decide if he wants to rent his property for the long or short term or if he prefers a mixed model that alternates one mode and the other depending on the time of year. There are many risks inherent in renting a property. That is why at Hanover our recommendation is to always have a professional real estate agent who can take charge throughout the rental process and provide legal coverage in the event of incidents or inconveniences with the tenants.

  • Invest in the future, yes, investing in future construction gives you the better ROI.
  • Avoiding excessive payments of fees but with the necessary coverage to be well protected.
  • If you are looking for space, especially for rental space investment, we offer space for you.
  • We offer you space for rental interest.