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Choose your perfect flexible space today with Hanover, Hanover India’s own unique platform focused exclusively on flexible spaces.

Our local experts are present across cities and are always there to help you find the right workspace.

We offer a completely free advisory service, with best-in-class market insight and data. Our local market experts can advise you every step of the way from the initial search to negotiating the best deal.

  • At Hanover, we understand the impact that your space can have on your business. That’s why our knowledge of the market is so important, matching your needs with the right office.
  • The Hanover team knows how important your office space should be nearby your space. That is why we provide a place that is nearby your office space and give access to commute to your office easily by different modes of transportation.
  • Having a space nearby your office can directly affect your efficiency and productivity.
  • We understand the significance of being independent, that is why we offer spaces where you will find different employment opportunities.
  • Having an affordable space near is the other feature that we offer for our customers.